Consultation & design

Crucial on all projects is the initial consultation with the client or the client's design team.
We discuss how each room or area of a property including external elements is to be used, allowing us to provide a solution that fits in with the users lifestyle and minimises the visible impact on the property.
This initial blueprint is then used to cost the project, design the cabling infrastructure and select the equipment and control types.

Project Management

Communication is always key to a successful installation so we constantly liaise with the client and affected disciplines such as Architects, Interior Designers, Electrical Contractors and Builders.
The information/detail we supply varies for each project but typically will consist of some or all of the items listed below depending on the size of the project.
Specialist cabling schematics.
Specialist cabling schedules.
Floor Layouts detailing wall outlets & equipment positions.
Equipment drawings and dimensions.
Operating and Maintenance manuals.


Typically the installation process is broken into 3 phases.
Phase 1 - We attend site as required to oversee the 1st Fix installation of the AV/IT cabling infrastructure and supply specialist back boxes for equipment, all cabling is then tested by us prior to the walls, celings and floors being closed up.
Phase 2 - As areas become available we make off all the outlet plates and retest the installation. We then install, integrate and program all the equipment to reach what we call practical completion, this ensures that all the equipment is functioning correctly.
Phase 3 - We now tweak the program and various pieces of equipment/systems to reflect your personal tastes and preferences, and the project is complete.


We can offer, if required, a planned preventative maintenance program for each completed project.